LISTEN: Elliott Ok Strikes Again On Crafty & Surreal “Joey”

Recent Glide discovery, Elliott Ok is on point once again, delivering a beautiful and deliciously spacious new indie gem on “Joey”. His voice is captivating, soft and full of intentionality, settled into a stripped-down and organic world akin to a universe (Sandy) Alex G might inhabit. Elliott Ok clearly has a keen sense of space and color, crafting seemingly effortless indie-folk beauty.

“Joey” was the last travel song I wrote before the Covid-19 lockdown. I took a trip to a small town in Northern California with my good friend who had previously lived there, and he showed me all his favorite old fishing spots and bars and introduced me to a bunch of his eccentric friends. I wrote the song from his nostalgic perspective after a night where we closed down the two sushi restaurants in town, drinking sake, and plum wine. It was a magical trip filled with the mundane pleasures that I missed so much when the pandemic hit soon afterward.

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