Letticia Bissondut on Her Journey From South Africa to the Glamour of Hollywood

Durban-born actress Letticia Bissondut first embarked on a career as a Hollywood actor in 2016. Since then, she’s built up an impressive list of credits and continues to work hard to achieve her goals. Based in LA, Letticia considers herself as an actress as well as a humanitarian and self-taught photographer and creative director.

Letticia began her acting career in the halls of the AFDA, Africa’s number one school for the creative economy. It was here that she first began to study acting and improve her skills that would later go on to be an integral part of her career. Letticia completed her Bachelor’s degree in film and acting before moving to London, England, where she continued her education at the Actors Centre.

Acting Career

According to Letticia, her time in London was where she really fell in love with acting and decided to pursue it as a career. Of this part of her life, she has the following to say, “I ended up at the Actors Centre and studied the Meisner technique and kind of fell in love with the craft of acting in a way in which I had never before. From there, I knew that I wanted to work in film and television more than on stage. I ended up getting a bursary to an acting school in LA and went over as a student initially; while doing that, I had an agent see me in a showcase and sign me”.

Since completing her education in acting and the performing arts, Letticia has picked up a number of roles, and she was quickly noticed by award-winning director Tatia Pilivea. She starred in the short clip Undress Me, which was created for Showtime’s Masters of Sex. This clip, created by Tatia Pilivea, was the Golden Lion winner at the prestigious Venice Film Festival and has received 49 million views, going viral within minutes of its release.

Letticia has also starred in the captivating TV series Shameless, with the goal of sharing her work with others. Shameless became Showtime’s longest-running original scripted series when the ninth season premiered on September 9, 2018, and the show continued until its final episode aired in 2021. The show continued lots of adult themes, including alcoholism, drugs, sex, and gambling, but it has been a major success. Fans of the series can discover how to find and use hard rock online casino no deposit bonus codes.

Outside of Acting

Although she works as an actress and has ambitions to further her career in Hollywood, Letticia also spends a significant lot of time on humanitarian activities. These have been a major part of her upbringing since she was a child, and she currently volunteers at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles through the Art of Elysium program. In addition to this, she’s also volunteered at Skid Row and Watts Housing Projects, where she’s taught acting and photography to disadvantaged children.

Letticia has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations throughout the world, including UNICEF USA. Her charity work mostly deals with non-profits that work with children and empower communities via education, the arts, and business.

In 2020, Letticia also launched her own sustainable Light of the World initiative. This program aims to provide care packages for female homeless people containing essential products that are also eco-friendly. LA, where she currently lives, is experiencing a homeless epidemic, and many in the city are often accused of not doing enough to help. While these criticisms are valid for some people, they clearly don’t apply to Letticia.

On top of this, Letticia’s charitable work is also bringing her back to her home continent. She’s working on a program that will teach children all across the world how to create stories through photography. She originally began this work back in 2018 while assisting in a few Malawian villages and hopes that one day, she’ll be able to change the narrative on Africa and reveal how strong, joyful, and adaptable the people of Africa can be through her work.


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