LISTEN: On “Fever,” Slow Dress Wrap Tactile Guitar Lines & Authentic Rock Passion

Slow Dress’ sound is as accessible as it is unnerving — an honest reflection of vocalist Katie Solomon’s thoughts on the uncertainty of life, love, and her emotions. Writing for Slow Dress, Solomon reaches to express the complexity of her often conflicting feelings. Solomon and bandmate Bredon Jones met at an open mic night at the Lizard Lounge in Boston. Immediately drawn to Solomon’s voice – described by Allston Pudding as being “rightfully compared to the likes of Kate Bush and Florence Welch” – Jones asked if he could sing harmonies.

On Slow Dress’ new single “Fever,” tactile guitar lines and a driving rhythmic push valiantly as Soloman sings with an intensity and passion that reflects Heartless Bastards and The Pretenders. “

This year has been difficult for so many people for a lot of reasons, obviously the pandemic being one of them. For our band, the main thing on our mind has been Bredon’s cancer diagnosis. He was diagnosed with cancer basically right around the time we were recording this EP and continues to navigate that. It’s been difficult to focus on music because we are not only bandmates, but also best friends, and Bredon’s health has felt far more important than putting energy into our music. But, we do want to share what we’ve created and hopefully start recording more of the music we have been writing,” says Solomon.

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