Classic Movies Everyone Should Watch

The film industry has blessed us with some great movies in the past couple of years. But only some can be deemed classics that every generation should watch at least once. There are certain films that are made by the perfect cast and adapting the screenplay the right way. Regardless of how old they are classics deserve the huge audience they get. So, if you’re looking for some classics, then here are some suggestions:

The Godfather II

The first and the second ones are the only ones worth viewing in the trilogy. The first one is a masterpiece and the second one masterfully continues the story of Michael Corleone as head of the Corleone family. He’s enjoying a communion celebration at Las Vegas since he moved the family there and like any good Italian, he’s listening to all propositions and ideas of his private guests.

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When the celebration is over there’s an attempt at Michael’s life which he survives. While he’s making moves against Roth he’s going to find out the bitter truth about the traitor. Also, the film shows the story of Vito Corleone and his time in America. In short, it’s about how he made it to the head of the most powerful family. The Godfather II brings an amazing story and is a great example of how sequel films should be made.

Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club, but you’ve got to mention it as a classic movie although it was made in the 90s. The mysterious man known only as the narrator is a white-collar worker working a dead-end job. While on a flight he meets Tyler, an interesting soap salesman. When he gets back home he finds out that his apartment has been destroyed by an explosion and he doesn’t have anyone to turn to. That’s when he calls Tyler and both decide to take a stand against modern society by organizing the Fight Club. It’s a brilliant adaptation of a book and both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton do a great job in the film.

The Matrix

Truth be told, this is a sci-fi title but it belongs to the classic genre because it’s a damn good movie. Imagine that everything you know isn’t real. It’s all a simulation and Thomas Anderson is close to finding out the truth. One day a group of agents led by Agent Smith comes to the company Thomas works in to arrest him and although Morpheus guides him to safety he chooses to be captured. He’s then interrogated and forced to have a spy-robot implanted in his stomach. Trinity takes care of that and all is revealed when Neo and Morpheus meet. It’s arguably one of the best movies of the 21st century which is why it has such a large fan-base.

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