LISTEN: On “No Funeral,” Tree Hollow Shapes Atmospheric Exuberance

Tree Hollow is an Asheville, NC-based folk artist Phil Ling with dedicated recording band members scattered across the Southeast. With their debut EP 2017’s Drown In The Moon, Ling and company danced between Fleet Foxes’ maximalism and the intimacy of Iron & Wine’s hushed delivery to regional acclaim. Their long-awaited follow-up EP, Shrouded In Such Color, finds Tree Hollow deepening that sound while exploring the somber beauty in impermanence, death, and desire for other worlds.

Within insightful lyrical outpouring, Tree Hollow creates atmospheric exuberance on “No Funeral.” Pulsing synthesizers act as sirens as Ling sings with an evocative release of breath that is reminiscent of the experimental works of Elbow and Editors.

 “The concept for the single ‘No Funeral’ as well as the entire EP draws from ideas of somber beauty of impermanence and death as well as the desire to experience other worlds and experiences,” says Ling.

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