LISTEN: Roos Meijer Drives Hypnotic Beats & Bass Vibes On “I Dream Of A World”

The sincerity of Roos Meijer’s alt-folk finds a way to the heart of even the most casual listener as she lends her voice to extraordinary but unheard people from around the world. Drawing inspiration from a diversity of genres, including folk, classical, indie-rock, and world music, Roos bridges many rivers of the musical landscape and leads you to new pastures. 

Immediately we are invited into the steady pulse of “I Dream Of A World,” the hypnotic new single from Roos Meijer. Meijer’s layered voice seamlessly scatters intoxication throughout the breaks as she shines with intense drum and bass tones in a world music concoction of jazz, tribal, folk, and alt -rock.

‘I Dream Of A World’ was born after speaking to Zaïre Krieger; a powerhouse of a woman who is a spoken word artist, law graduate, activist for anti-racism, feminism and intersectionality, and the recently announced translator of Amanda Gorman’s speech and book in the Netherlands. We spoke about activism, faith, intersectionality, and perseverance,” says Meijer.

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