FULL LP PREMIERE: Mikaela Finne Flaunts ’70s Outlaw Style On ‘Time Stands Still’

“I’m not going to lie, this record ”saved” me this year. It was exactly what I needed to stay afloat, and not get drowned in all the craziness and uncertainty of our industry. These songs, this record is my best work yet. Almost every artist says that about their latest stuff, but it’s really true. I feel that the vibe we captured in the studio was just right, and the songs were just right. It all just came together so beautifully. These songs mean a lot to me, in so many different ways for so many different reasons. And I hope they can mean something to you, bring you peace or a laugh when you need it,” says uber-talented Finland-born -Swedish-based singer-songwriter Mikaela Finne about her new LP Time Stands Still (out 8/27).

It’s not unusual for the recording process to extricate an artist from the bummers of a pandemic, but Finne has always tried to rise above even in the most difficult of times. While Finne is righteously influenced by the American outlaw country movement, she’s been referred to “The Outlaw Queen of Finland” in her home country. Finne offers a gritty directness and fervently emotive draw that rekindles the punctuating sound of Lucinda Williams and Nanci Griffith.

Glide is premiering Time Stands Still in its entirety, where we hear the songstress combine a hearty mix of folk, country, honky-tonk, and charismatic flair. The album was recorded with producer Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and the Dukes, Jewel, Indigo Girls, Buddy & Julie Miller). Somewhat fitting for an album that’s laden with contrasts, Finne actually found as much inspiration in heavy metal as she did the country genre during her youth, the rebellious spirit she found in both prompting her to pursue her musical passion. Check it out below…

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