LISTEN: Big Thief Drops Stunning New Roots Number “Certainty”

 Big Thief has returned with a new single “Certainty,” a track that showcases the most innate parts of Big Thief: the human journey, real love, and the raw emotions that accompany the two.
It was written and recorded directly to 4-track during a three-day power outage while recording at Sam Evian’s Flying Cloud Studios and features harmonies from Hannah Cohen. Framed by a lyrical picture only Adrianne Lenker can paint, the band’s folk roots and delicate harmonies are on full display. Check it out below…
“On the third day of the outage, I found Adrianne on the porch writing a new song, so I sat with her and we finished it together, with the rain falling from the gutters splashing over our guitars,” says Buck Meek. “James and Sam saw us writing, and quickly set up a four track tape machine in the kitchen, powered by the F250 cigarette lighter out in the yard. They set up the drums by the sink, and Max plugged his bass into a bluetooth speaker set on top of the stove. Take 2 had a great bark from Sam and Hannah’s pup Jan during the solo, but we ended up going with take 3 because it took us about that long to learn the chords. Then we made pancakes and sausages and ate breakfast for dinner.”

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