LISTEN: On “Bottomless,” Party of the Sun Crafts Free-Flowing Pastoral Folk

Party of the Sun is a psychedelic folk band from New Hampshire, made up of Ethan McBrien, Rory Hurley, and Garrett Cameron. Since 2006, both McBrien and Hurley have recorded and performed together in various projects. Throughout his career, McBrien has always had an interest in folk music; writing many songs influenced by the Americana tradition. In the fall of 2015, McBrien and Hurley began recording this material. These collaborative sessions at McBrien’s home – a small sheep farm in Marlborough, NH – were the impetus of what has become Party of the Sun.

Check out the pastorally spacious new single, “Bottomless” from Party of the Sun. Tonally, a lightness is afoot, as McBrein’s voice is intimate and inviting. Tasteful guitar shading sets the mood to a tactile and well-orchestrated rhythmic movement that rekindles the free-flowing wordplay of Hiss Golden Messenger and Delta Spirit.

 I wrote “Bottomless” during a snowstorm a few winters back. The wind was heavy across the mountain and the power dipped once or twice. I was thinking about friends and family and the net woven by community. At the time, I had a friend in need and was singing to him. Today, I’m singing to my son,” says McBrein.

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