LISTEN: Ryan James Brewer Jives With Steady Lo-Fi Groove On “End Of A Life”

Australian-born, Nashville-based indie-pop artist Ryan James Brewer is back with a new single, “End Of A Life.” The aptly titled track hinges on the vulnerability of self-awareness and the fleeting nature of thoughts and actions as they intertwine with the world around us. Brewer’s voice sits somewhere in the room with Beck and Kevin Parker, though his unique output of vocal range and breath control comes naturally. Spaced with tactile guitar lines and a steady lo-fi groove, “End Of A Life” is an exposed and blunt indie-pop declaration. 

“Historically and even to this day there has been an innate taboo and lack of understanding around the subject of suicide and depression, as many people who suffer as a result of these things understand all too well.” Adding “Just a few days ago when my publicist was pitching this song to various outlets and it ran across the desk of a prominent and respected figure within the Australian music industry. His only response was a condescending and dismissive quip which denied the importance of the subject in its entirety. To me, this illustrates perfectly some of the sentiment we are up against when we try to bring these topics to the forefront of conversation, whether it be through art or otherwise.”

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