LISTEN: Constant Follower Adheres To Restful Folk Sound On “Weave Of The World”

As a teenager, Stephen McAll survived an attack by a gang that left him with a catastrophic head injury and every memory of his childhood gone. The next decade was spent in a cabin on Scotland’s western coastline, where he eventually began composing again. The result is a childhood imagined against a backdrop that, like the sea, is as serene as it is wild; ever-changing, yet resolute.

Evocative and beautifully persuasive, “Weave Of The World” is the new single from Constant Follower. A simple and poignant melody strikes through a gently plucked acoustic guitar. “Weave Of The World” is mature and concise songwriting, delivered in a foreboding yet sentimental vehicle of space and refined tone reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and Smog.

Of the track, frontman McAll recalled, “I wrote it during a period of anxiety or maybe mild paranoia. You can hear that in the words. But it’s taken on a new meaning for me, since what I must have thought might happen, didn’t. There’s still a lot of darkness in there, but the song reminds me that feelings are real but they aren’t facts. Even when you think things are going very wrong, there’s always a way to turn it around.”

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