LISTEN: David James Allen Delivers Organic Roots Folk For The Family On “For The Times”

When David James Allen was in his early twenties, he came up with the idea to name an album The Architect. Allen wrote its title track which, inspired by his struggle with imposter syndrome, questions if there’s an outside power in control of his life. Then Allen shelved the song and the album idea. He went on to release material with the now-defunct rock band Stonetrotter and two albums under his own name. 

With striking tone and feel David James Allen’s new single “For The Times” is organic roots folk for the whole damn family. Allen’s voice is tangibly honest, engulfed in expressive guitar touchings and colorful steel shading. “For The Times” is a calling out, an emotional release of poetic design that rekindles the sunnyside-up twang stylings of Marty Stuart and Dwight Yoakam.

“The song came out of reflecting on what it means to be in a healthy relationship. Good relationships can be messy but whole at the same time. We’re dynamic beings and I wanted to try and capture the ups and downs in a relationship through this song – it’s about compassion in relationships and enduring personality and emotional dynamics and being vulnerable in our sharings to come out of hard times – on top and in a stronger and healthier place by working together.” 

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