SONG PREMIERE: Chayse Porter Delivers Haunting Psych-Pop Via “Purpling Dawn”

Chayse Porter is a solo musician/composer, sometimes performing with a live band under the name “Chay’s Palace”. While the studio recordings feature lush, orchestral arrangements – leaning into the world of baroque pop and chamber pop – the live performances range from stripped-down electric piano to blown-out, beachy garage rock. Porter finds himself in the dank basement of the palace: “Arrested in this dungeon cell/ Confusing, ethereal/ It’s all that I can do/ To keep from laughing at myself.” Rubbery bass stitches together haunted carnival organ riffs and taut electric guitar waves, part new wave, part surf rock, part surreal vision.

Glide is premiering Chayse Porter’s “Purpling Dawn,” the first single off his upcoming concept album, Chay’s Palace (due March 3, 2022 via Earth Libraries). Porter delivers a riveting alt-psych pop world that twists and twirls into its own sonic identity on this colorful composition. Like Deerhunter and Pond, Porter unravels a mysterious soundscape that is an ideal match for The Desert Daze set.

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