LISTEN: Gregory Ackerman Brings Delicacy & Strength On “All This Thinking”

The California-born singer-songwriter Gregory Ackerman’s new album Still Waiting Still is shimmering with delicacy and strength. Buoyed by shadowy backbeats, sneaky melodies, and Ackerman’s inimitable and unforgettable delivery, sonically Still Waiting Still falls somewhere between the work of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith.

Check out Gregory Ackerman’s, “All This Thinking” – a highlight track from his new album, Still Waiting Still.  Ackerman’s voice is warm and wide, delivered from the vantage point of the great narrator, with richness and poignant lyrical wit. Harmonies blend and float as an acoustic guitar leads us through a wondrous landscape of space and extensible tone. 

“I wrote this song when I was going through a period of extreme anxiety. I noticed a pattern of negative self-talk happening in my brain and began to write a song about all the thinking going on in my brain that I seemingly could not stop. The song helped get myself out of my head, echoed in the final repeating lines .. “I will find a way out, through my mind, yes a way out.”

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