Five Renowned Music Films

Never before in the history of mankind had it been this easy to find a way to entertain ourselves. No matter if you prefer playing online casino games on or if you like watching the latest movies, everything you need is only a few clicks away. Also, if you are a music fan, all you need is a mobile device, an Internet connection, and an online payment method to access the latest work by your favorite artists. 

The way that we enjoy different types of entertainment has also impacted the way that video games, movies, and music are made. People still put a lot of value on quality, however, different technologies have made it easier for creators to finish their projects, no matter what it is that they are working on.

But not so long ago, artists had to use whatever means they could in order to be inventive and to reach the top. Especially musicians who always had to compete with a huge number of talented people across the globe. And some of them managed to do it. These bands and solo artists who have left their mark on history had such an amazing story that they had been turned into movies. And below you can see some of the best movies about musicians that you should see at least once. 

Bohemian Rhapsody

Directed by Bryan Singer, Bohemian Rhapsody tells the story of Freddie Mercury, the singer of the UK rock band “Queen”. The role of Freddie was given to Rami Malek, who was previously known for his role in the hit series “Mr. Robot”. However, in this movie, he used all of his acting abilities to portray the icon that was Mercury, and according to reviews, he gave a performance of a lifetime. Fans of the legendary rock band can see how the band was formed and all the major events that happened up until the ‘85 Live Aid concert.


One of the most controversial, talented, and influential people on the music scene is without any doubt, Elton John. And a movie of this legendary musician was simply waiting to happen. Even though the movie “Rocketman” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, it has been in development ever since the 2000s. Finally, it was directed by Dexter Fletcher and the lead role went to the young and talented Taron Egerton. 

Walk The Line

Usually, people turn to Johnny Cash and his songs when they are feeling down, hurt, or in need of music that would match their bad mood. Not to sound too pessimistic, Cash did have some very lively songs as well. However, most of his lyrics were so deep and emotional that they could only be related to feelings of deep melancholy and sorrow. Johnny Cash was a once-in-a-lifetime artist, and for those of you who are not familiar with his life, the movie “Walk The Line” will be a good introduction.


If you are a fan of blues, then you must know who Ray Charles is. However, Ray Charles reached the status of a world-known star, so he was known even among the fans of jazz, pop, and rock music. Jamie Foxx who was previously known to movie fans for his many comedies took this role and portrayed the famous singer in the best possible way. The movie “Ray” was released in 2004 and was directed by Taylor Hackford. 

The Doors

The last one on our list is the movie “The Doors”. The movie was directed by Oliver Stone in 1991 and written by J. Randal Johnson. The main role of the movie, that is the role of Him Morrison went to Val Kilmer. Even though the movie is mainly based on the life of Jim Morisson, we can see how the band “The Doors” came to be and changed the rock scene for good. 

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