VIDEO PREMIERE: Yot Club Drops Graceful Indie Guitar Winner on “Alive”

Yot Club — the musical project helmed by Ryan Kaiser — recently rose to humble Internet fame with the TikTok virality of his track, “YKWIM?,” and has just re-emerged with a brand new track entitled “Alive.” As the single’s title suggests, Yot Club is certainly alive, kicking, and not going anywhere. 

Similarly to his past sunshine-drenched releases, “Alive” is a warm, synth-driven pop-rock tune that’s ultimately feel-good and summery by nature. It comes off a forthcoming six-track EP entitled Santolina, due January 2022 via Nice Guys Records. The EP is said to confront all the things that make modern American a “hulking, unsustainable — but somehow still beautiful — weirdo wasteland,” including the very thing that led to his notoriety, TikTok. Glide is premiering this shiny single that rekindles the guitar-slanted indie rock or Real Estate and Carseat Headrest.

On his new single, Ryan wrote: “‘Alive’ is a song about living in the suburbs. The suburbs are a surreal place because no matter where you are in America it often feels like it’s the same street with all the same stores – like there’s a giant copy and paste button somewhere pumping these places out. I wanted the video to illustrate the suburbs through a positive lens however – highlighting the satisfying repetition and comforting predictability. I had a lot of fun working with director Troy Lustick and the rest of his crew. Troy is an extremely talented and creative guy and I look forward to making more stuff with him in the future.”

“Alive” is available to stream via all DSPS…

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