SONG PREMIERE: On “Come By,” Carrie Biell (Moon Palace) Shines On Via Soaring Cinematic Folk

As blueprinted by her work in the synth-rock band Moon Palace, Carrie Biell has a knack for gracing ears with lo-fi psych washes and ravishing harmonies. Imagine a musical menu where the rustic rhythms of Cowboy Junkies meet the edgy orchestrations of Sharon Van Etten, and it will glitter with Biell’s solo work.

As a twin and daughter of Deaf parents, her upbringing was anything but ordinary. Carrie came out as a teenager, and after connecting with other Queer artists, music became the outlet that found her a home in Seattle’s expansive indie rock scene. At 20 years old, her first solo release in 2001 “Symphony of Sirens” launched her music career – landing her on some of Seattle’s top stages, and frequent radio play on indie stations like KEXP, KBOO, and KCRW.

Glide is premiering Biells lush new single “Come By,” (below) which features introspective lyrics and a twangy underlying instrumental pattern that sets a welcoming mood for reflection. Biell makes a lasting impression on its first listen with a yearning tender melancholy that is elegantly intimately minimalist.

“This song means the world to me because it is the first song I wrote in the whole collection for the record. It was after playing a show with my friend, Sera Cahoone. She suggested that we should collaborate on a song and then I ran with it. Sera added harmonies, and also came up with ideas for some of the song’s instrumentation. 

“‘Come By’ is about the moment a long flirtation crosses over into more between two people who are both healing from long partnerships that ended unexpectedly. It’s a new beginning, that none of them envisioned for themselves. It’s a much-needed leap forward, and although there may be a lot of past relationship baggage hanging over, or seem too soon after a breakup, there is an ask to set that all aside and go for it. To let yourself enjoy the moment and take a leap with a new person,” says Biell.

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