SONG PREMIERE: Heather Anne Lomax Scorches with Bluesy Rockabilly Tune “Candy Man”

Heather Anne Lomax has spent the greater part of the past decade putting her own spin on the Americana and Country-Rock/Blues genre. She has won awards and radio play across 76 stations both locally and internationally. Originally hailing from Kansas City, the now LA-based artist has opened for Wynonna and The Big Noise, Lee Ann Womack, Blake Shelton, Kenny Rogers, Jeff Bridges, John Hiatt, Richie Furay, Don McLean, Judy Collins, Marshall Tucker Band, Joan Osborne, Melanie and Blood Sweat & Tears.

Stylistically, Heather draws from the underbelly of human emotion, conjuring raw and oblique shades into her music that allows her to step into a deeply personal form of catharsis. It is through her music that she is able to draw out whatever love, pain or joy might be trapped within, materializing it into the real world in order to emancipate herself and those who hear her music. Above all, she hopes that her music can further inspire others to express themselves, “a vehicle of catharsis,” as she calls it.

As the song goes, Heather Anne Lomax was “born in the wagon of a travellin’ show”. She has always known she was adopted, and after years of searching, she found her birth family. Heather discovered that she had been born into a lineage of both artistic and musical family members. She is related to Stan of WOR NY, cousin to the well-known ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax; her mother was an artist and a musician, and her grandmother was on Broadway. And so, like the prodigal daughter, she returned to her original birth name, Heather Anne Lomax.

Heather’s journey began in Kansas City, where she cut her teeth playing guitar under the wing of a family friend in the Ozarks of Missouri. Alongside her partner-in-crime and good friend Cynthia, she would workshop her guitar playing and songwriting skills, all while learning the art of old gospel and country music that had been handed down the generations. She cites Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Elvis, Hozier and Maria McKee as pivotal figures who have helped shape her sound.

Today Glide is excited to premiere Heather’s brand new track “Candy Man.” Inspired by the rockabilly greats, the song finds her delivering a bluesy rocker that puts her sultry and swaggering vocals on display while also showcasing her ability to write tunes that are damn fun and catchy as hell. Feisty guitar and a chugging beat propel the song forward as Heather belts out lyrics that feel like they were pulled from the golden era of rockabilly music.

Heather describes the process and inspiration behind the song:

I honestly wanted to offer something that people could move to, and dance away their blues after dealing with such traumatic events for over a year.

It’s been a rough year in so many ways for so many people, that I just felt like I wanted to put something out there that people could dance to, ..maybe it will bring a smile to their faces, and a swivel to their hips.

I’ve lost several dear people that I was very close to in the past year (not from COVID), and sometimes just felt the need to take off a cloak of grief for a moment, and have the courage to celebrate life again.

I have been listening to Roy Orbison lately.

I‘ve been listening to a lot of the early Rockabilly greats lately: Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson, Elvis (of course☺), Roy Orbison…Roy really has the voice of an angel. It somehow seeps into your soul with such a purity in sound, whether he is singing a ballad, or Rockabilly, his voice somehow saturates and purifies your soul and all that ails you-well, to me anyway!

Photo credit: @kremerjohnsonagain

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  1. Heather Anne Lomax is like a fine wine ~ she gets better with age. Her simpatico and wisdom allow her to reach deep down into her artistic soul and share it with humankind..and then turn it into joy! A treasure ~

  2. To know Heather is to love her!!! And the fact she can sing, play and write is icing in the cake that is Heather!!!❤️❤️

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