SONG PREMIERE: The Mary Veils Scorch It Up Via Guitar Centric “Rowhome”

Today, Philly-based garage rock outfit The Mary Veils share “Rowhome,” the second single off their forthcoming EP, Somewhere Over the Rowhome (due 11/5 via PNKSLM Recordings). Glide is premiering this scalding hot track that delivers an Oh Sees swirling punkish psych-rock clinic. Check it out below…

The Mary Veils began as the solo project of songwriter Brian Von Uff, later evolving with the addition of musicians Justin Mansor, Andrew Mann, and Evan Wall. Together, the quartet channel contemporaries such as Hot Snakes and Osees, and those influences are apparent with “Rowhome,” in particular. The track jolts forward with blood-curdling, gravelly wails, frenetic riffery, and reverb-drenched chords, recalling the chaotically scrappy, yet calculated and clean styles of LA alt-indie surf rock outfit Tijuana Panthers or garage-punk powerhouse Frankie and the Witch Fingers. Ultimately, their sound can be described as a hodge-podge of different styles, from psychedelic to classic punk and hair-raising, experimental DIY. 

Regardless of what they might remind you of, though, The Mary Veils stake their claim as individuals all in the same. With this track, littered with its fair share of cymbal hits and power-punched guitar solos, they do little seep into the background, instead forcing their way into the inner recesses of your brain as you listen. As soon as the single begins, it’s over, compelling you to press play over and over again.

The EP’s first single, “Home Video,” is also available to stream via all DSP

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