Henry Chadwick Flaunts Power Pop Muscles On “Mind’s Eye”

Henry Chadwick is a Santa Cruz, CA based singer-songwriter, musician and producer. Chadwick’s music dances between genres and lands somewhere between indie, garage rock, psychedelia and shimmery, sunshine-tinged power-pop. Chadwick, is back with another carefully crafted earworm on “Mind’s Eye.” Melodically the song is slightly familiar yet stands tall on its own two feet with tasty spacing and tonal precision. Chadwick is a skilled producer and has a keen knack for classic power pop in the realm of Badfinger through Fountains of Wayne.

“I think everyone sort of views themselves as the main character in a movie of their life. Thinking about that takes some of the seriousness out of everything. We’re all playing a bit of make believe a lot of the time, & the way we think of ourselves is often pretty different than the way we appear to others. I guess that’s what this song is about. Hope you enjoy!” says Chadwick.

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