LISTEN: Mikayla McVey Drops Smoky & Enrapturing New Single “Bells”

Mikayla McVey writes and performs from the beating, blistered, blissed out heart of the West. Born in Virginia and raised up in the holy golden Northern California hills, McVey has come to understand music as a major thread that ties together community and an opportunity to practice magic in one of its most accessible & transmittable forms. McVey currently resides in Oakland, California, and has made homes in rural South America, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the 35ft cavern of a 1986 International School bus named Splendor.

Check out the vocally powerful new single, “Bells” from McVeyThe songwriter paints a concise picture with lyrical tact, blending minimalist indie approach and a potent vibrato reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks. A swift and airy expression, “Bells” is focused and bright effort from the up and coming Long Road Society artist.. 

“I wrote Bells in the early weeks of Shelter in Place. During that time at home, I became acutely aware of the sounds and routines of my neighbors and found myself imagining a lot about what motivated people to do whatever they were doing at the times they were doing it. It’s an ode to ways of feeling free when the circumstances are constricted…whether you’re a loser or a king (or, more likely, both,” says McVey.

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