LISTEN: Flip Rushmore Brings Pun Charged Indie Via “Platypuseidon”

Flip Rushmore’s debut album, Big, If True, spent 21 weeks on the Muzooka College Radio Charts and peaked at No. 70 in late 2019. Buoyed by the minor Spotify success of bittersweet single “That Hollow Sound,” the Minneapolis indie rock band was featured on more than 100 terrestrial stations across North America. 

Crank up the new high-octane single, “Platypuseidon” from Minneapolis based Flip Rushmore. Jangly guitars and a punchy groove lead the way as the band’s vocalist Alex Smith gives us his first hand take on some of the hot button issues of the recent years. “Platypuseidon” is punk charged indie rock with no sacrifice for tone or musicianship. 

“Last summer, a lot of us in America—for many different reasons—sat at home and watched as the people of our cities organized. And, I think, this song is a reminder that, even though the flames might’ve only been little plumes of smoke from your front door, that the fire was and is very real, and your ignorance does not delegitimize the struggle that’s happening right under your nose,” says the band.

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