LISTEN: stores Cross-Genre Blurring Lines Via Intoxicating “blue sunday”

Both Hannah Brown & Sam Warren were already fixtures of the Liverpool underground scene when they found themselves on the same bill in late 2017. At the time they were coming to the end of their current projects, Hannah And The Wick Effect and Jo Mary respectively. Jamming and writing together regularly in Warren’s flat, before long they’d packed in their old bands entirely to focus on what it was quickly becoming apparent was a formidable creative partnership; their respective abilities for finely-crafted songwriting quickly beginning to dovetail. 

Standing on intoxicating vocal blending and cutting guitar lines, stores hit hard with the new single, “blue sunday.” The lo-fi feel bleeds through the track, permeating the laid-back and beautifully washed-up world that Brown and Warren inhabit so effortlessly while reflecting the crafty work of Yo La Tengo and Luna.

“We were both in relationships we didn’t want to be in,” says Warren. ‘Blue Sunday’, the first song the two ever wrote together, reflects the churn between denial and acceptance that a partnership is reaching its end: ‘back and forth like a lonely wanderer with a legless horse’, as they sing.

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