VIDEO PREMIERE: Gregory Dwane Drops Aching & Hard Janglin'”When You Say California”

A former tech who been “everywhere man” and a producer for Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, Gregory Dwane wears more credentials to sing the stories then most any new Nashville arrivals with a Stetson hat and guitar case. Dwane brings a a rollicking and smoky vibrato to his compositions where thick bleeding guitar tones welcome back late 70’s/early 80’s dive bar affability.

While always privately prolific, Dwane experienced yet another shift in process and output in 2020 due to shutdowns stemming from the global pandemic. “I hadn’t had a six to eight-hour stretch with absolutely nothing to worry about in…forever,” he recalls. He found inspiration in the Kacey Musgraves album Golden Hour, Waylon Jennings’ Ladies Love Outlaws, and rediscovered his personal archive of old demos, some over 20 years old. He found himself diving back into songwriting and finding fulfillment in the process. Soon enough, he had an album’s worth of songs, which — much like his paintings — reflect the beauty and challenges of everyday life. This self titled album was released on October 8th and with song titles that run the hardship lines of “It’s Fucked Up,” “I Don’t Like You,” and “Gimme A Solution,” Dwane like the Drive-By Truckers, paints a world of biting stories and down and out gems.

Glide is premiering the official video for “When You Say California,” (below) a vigilant rocker that churns with a rustic classic rock sound that sounds pure hard janglin’ Damn The Torpedoes (Tom Petty) B Side.

“This song conveys the isolation a person can feel when a relationship ends. You thought things were good, and you realize the other person is making plans without you. It’s not even contentious — it’s just over. Honestly, this video was made so I can put my 1987 jacked up Chevy Blazer in it, ha. But in all seriousness this video is supposed to feel like I’m somewhere between the hills of North Carolina or some house in Laurel Canyon.” says Dwane.

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