LISTEN: Jacksonport Offers Golden Vibrato on “”Michael (Take a Little Breath)”

Jacksonport is the solo imagination of singer-songwriter John Fatum, named for the small town in Door County, Wisconsin where he spent summers growing up. 

Jacksonport and his golden vibrato are back on the bouncy new single, “Michael (Take a Little Breath).” Joined by his brother on the track, tasteful horns percolate the backdrop as Fatum poetically paints a picture of the world he possesses. “Michael (Take a Little Breath)” is lighthearted and fluttering indie joy from a recent Glide discovery.

“We do not choose our families. We can choose to grow with, listen to, and love those people we are inexplicably tied to at birth. My new song, “Michael (Take a Little Breath)” is a love song for my twin brother. He plays trumpet on the recording, and while we have shared stages since our first performance (a piano duet at the age of four), I’m delighted to say this is his debut with Jacksonport. When he plays, the sun and moon seem to dance in step,” says Faturm

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