SONG PREMIERE: The Velvicks Drop Gritty Old School Rocker “”ChaChaCha”

New York City rockers The Velvicks are back with a new single and it is every bit as edgy, gritty, and rock n roll as you might expect. “ChaChaCha” is a classic rock anthem packed to the brim with killer electric guitar riffs, fast-paced drums, and pulsing bass rhythms that propel the track forward with an intense gravitational force. Frontman Vick Nader’s powerhouse vocals carry the track with an unmistakable charm that feels impossible to pin down. But it makes The Velvicks exactly what they are: head-to-toe, good ol’ rock n roll where the hard riffing musical worlds of Jesse Malin, The Replacements, and Drive-By Truckers converge.

“ChaChaCha” tells the story of a young troubled woman who flees from her responsibilities in Mexico City in search of a new beginning, only to find you can never escape yourself: “Wherever you go, there you are.” She creates a whole new set of problems on the other side of the border.

“This song is a take on how everyone is the main player in creating their own problems,” Nader shared with us at Glide“whether it’s self-sabotaging one’s goals or fear of moving forward, or avoiding confrontation; only to realize that problems pile up quickly, especially with the abuse of alcohol and illegal substances.”

Cinematic in its storytelling, “ChaChaCha” has the intrigue of a book you can’t put down, matched with an effortlessly cool Foo Fighters feel. Unapologetically loud and buzzing with energy, The Velvicks’ scorching hot guitar solos and high energy melodic hooks will get you moshing in no time. 

And speaking of, the band is fresh off the bus from a successful tour and are gearing up for more shows to come. Perpetually on the road, The Velvicks’ high-energy sets have packed audiences from coast to coast, and the band just got back from their West Coast tour. Now back in NYC, these charismatic rockers will be playing their release show at Bowery Electric tomorrow night (Thursday November 18th). New Yorkers — be sure to make this one. And for everybody else, don’t forget to stream “ChaChaCha,” out tomorrow on all streaming platforms. 

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