VIDEO/SONG PREMIERE: Love By Numb3rs Mix Eloquence & Twang On “Cant Lie Like This”

Portland, Maine’s Love By Numb3rs has astounded ears with its eloquent dusty blues and roots rock that has given otherwise placid New England a musical splash of Nashville. The trio–co-vocalist Dan Connor and Anna Lombard joined by her partner and multi-instrumentalist Jon Roods–made a big splash with their independent full-length debut, Parachute yet now are gearing up for the release of a six song EP titled Colours out November 19th.

Prior to the release Glide is premiering the song and video for the emotionally explosive “Can’t Lie Like This” (below) which swoons, twangs and pacifies with a Tyler Childers meets Tom Petty narrative soul.

“The inspiration behind writing this song was based on a dear friend of mine who struggled with substance abuse,” reveals Connor. This led me down a bit of a rabbit hole as I began reflecting upon my own family history of substance abuse and dysfunction.”

“Jon and I directed the video, but I would be remiss not to mention the vision Jon had for this one,” says Lombard. “While the song in its lyrical content was meant to be about the aforementioned lifelong struggles with alcoholism, Jon began seeing the line ‘can’t lie like this anymore’ as more of a metaphor for Dan’s battle with cancer and monthly chemo cycles.” 

The moving video begins by depicting the beauty of nature before focusing on Dan at home in bed with his illness. He is able to breaks free in his mind from his struggles by heading outside with his guitar to enjoy the gorgeous wide-open spaces. Says Lombard- “We keep calling it Dan’s “celebration/party” at the end–to be done with chemo and to have made it through to where he is/we are today.”

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  1. Congratulations to all of you!! Love the uniqueness of this melody. A special ‘ atta boy ” to Dan!! You done good!!! Wish I could have you all play at The Franco Center in Lewiston!
    Love Memi

  2. Sending my DEAREST healing prayers to you Brother Daniel . We are rooting for you Strong Warrior . Big Tribe love you

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