Dream Poppers French For Rabbit Make Expansive Statement on “Walk The Desert”

Surfacing nearly a decade ago from long oceanic shores, dream-pop outfit French for Rabbits create music that feels like it has been crafted from the fabric of the New Zealand landscape and psyche – with its salty waves, isolated coastlines, expansive skies and friendly, approachable people. That is to say, their music is both intimate and expansive, welcoming and wary, poetic but piercing.

French For Rabbits, “Walk The Desert” off of their newly released album, “The Overflow.” A crestfallen melody is transmitted from Brooke Singer’s soft vocal timbre weaving over fertile instrumentation that is careful to not get in the way. Singer’s delivery is restrained, yet soaked in emotion and elicits a beautiful melancholy emotion reminiscent of Angel Olsen.

“Walk the Desert” is another song that fits into the canon of this album – it’s about big feelings, and trying to keep them contained. That feeling that if someone asks if you’re alright, you know you’d burst into tears,” Singer explains of the emotive lyrics.

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