LISTEN: Dad Bod Cooks Up Quirky DIY Indie Melodies

Dad Bod is the project of Michael Marinos, Marcus Marinos, Matthew Marinos, Russell Allphin, Jonny Seegmiller, and Kevin Casadena based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They have been compared to the sounds of Mild High Club, Beck, and George Harrison.

Check out the slinky new single, “Tenderness” from Dad Bod that ruminates with a Mac DeMarco & Dr. Dog playful ethos. Breezy guitar melodies open up into a meadow of Melotron tones and sweet modulations. A relatively new band, the SLC sextet appears to have quickly dialed in their sound, one of lush and captivating disposition.

“Tenderness was a magical songwriting experience for us. It was one of our first jam sessions together since a big change in the band occurred, and I think we felt a lot of weight had been lifted off of our shoulders,” says Michael Marinos.

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