LISTEN: Sharell Bryant Keeps It Minimalist & Cozy On Poetic “Gold”

Hailing from Philadelphia, 28-year-old NYC-based songwriter Sharell Bryant has always looked to music to navigate the unknown, and to process the pressures of trying to be your best self, every day. Detailing the intricacies of first loves, enduring friendships and simply trying to survive in a new city, Bryant embraces everything that’s thrown at her, with ear-worm worthy melodies and warm, rousing vocals. Now, on her debut EP, the songwriter brings together almost a decade of work that offers a poignant reflection of the past, while offering an optimistic lens for the future.

On “Gold” (below), Bryant’s voice broadcasts rich warmth, while a minimalistic instrumentation burns slowly into a watershed of strings and harmony. “Gold” is a warm blanket of of sound enriched with seamlessly blended harmonies and a thoughtful sense of poetic unraveling. 

“Gold”  is a sincere and arresting account of mourning in today’s ever-digital culture, that asks: how do you keep their memory alive, but learn to let go?” says Bryant

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