LISTEN: Wanderers Drop Breezy Yacht Rock On “Malibu”

South Australian-based Wanderers forge a sonic experience with a distinct throwback feel. Soaring falsettos, four-part harmonies, and worn-in soulful lead vocals deliver heartfelt lyrics about the lives and experiences of this outfit. The music moves through Beatles-esque moments, whilst touches of Tame Impala, Electric Light Orchestra, and the 70’s RnB and Motown influences come together to create something completely unique.

On “Malibu,” Wanderer digs into a commanding groove, ever so slightly restrained in syncopation, laying the basis for an energetic melody soaked in harmonic splendor. The verse unfolds into a chorus so smooth it should be considered for play on the XM Yacht Rock channel.

“Malibu represented much more than a geographical location to me in the moment of writing the song, in a run down LA hotel room. It became the metaphor for a lot of the elation I’d felt on our first band trip to the US. I really did feel on top of the world, regardless of the chick from ‘The Ring’ lurking outside my hotel door or the fact I couldn’t hire a car and was nearly out of money… and as frustrated as I was that I couldn’t actually be there, in Malibu, just the idea of it existing summed up what I’d experienced on that trip, which (contrary to the stories I’ve told here) was utterly incredible,” says the band.

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