LISTEN: Moa Moa Drops Swirling & Colorful Pop Musical Collage

Moa Moa came together in the summer of 2019, initially as a creative outlet for songwriter and producer James Ratcliffe, who had previously been spending the year writing various jingles for a brand of Turkish ice cream. 

Moa Moa is on an auspicious trajectory, as demonstrated by their second single, “Drive.” A gargantuan fatback drum beat lays the basis for a swirling and swelling psych-pop explosion. Supported by thick sub-bass lines and colorful synth-laden texture, “Drive” is bewitching, a vignette into the world of a band not afraid to explore the fringes of frequency ala Glass Animals and Alt-J.

On “Drive,” James Ratcliffe says, ‘It’s a playful take on my apathy towards the idea that the world was suddenly going to be flipped on its head because we’d all sat around in our houses for a year.”

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