LISTEN: Sad Daddy Cut A Bill Monroe Stomper Via “Charlie Pickle”

Since 2010, Arkansas outfit Sad Daddy has traveled down many roads, together and separately, at times focusing on their solo projects and then reuniting as a band. The four members, Brian Martin, Joe Sundell, Rebecca Patek, and Melissa Carper, all conspired and united in the sudden spare time of 2020 to create their third album, Way Up in the Hills.

Rollicking double clawhammer banjos kick-off “Charlie Pickle” a true Bill Monroe “Uncle Pen” like dance stomper. Laying the groundwork for a raucous old-time fiddle melody, the articulate depiction of the track’s protagonist is so vivid, the listener is liable to perhaps cut a rug. Sad Daddy might be onto something here with this authentic throwback cut…

It’s about a conceptualized character, an ol’ timer named Charlie Pickle. Charlie’s a man who’s lived it all, seen it all, and done it all. He’s not interested in fitting in or impressing anyone. He just wants to cut loose on a dance floor and let the music take him wherever it’s going to take him,” say the band..

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