Are the Casinos of Science Fiction Finally Here?

Humans have gambled for longer than the word for the activity has existed. It is arguably one of the oldest aspects of human culture and if the history of betting is anything to go by, it is here to stay. While it has maintained the same level of allure, betting has come a long way. Its evolution has always been a topic of interest among gambling operators and players alike. So, let’s talk about that.

There are always ideas floating around about the casino of the future and in the modern world, that lines up so well with science fiction. Both involve a nearly bizarre obsession with what the future could bring. On the same note, both have been able to achieve things that could previously only be dreamt of thanks to technological advancements. It would thus only be logical to view the future of land-based casinos and online casino sites from the same lens.

The Brick-and-Mortar Casino Floor of the Future

There are millions of gamblers all over the world and a decent number of them still prefer the ambiance and unmatched atmosphere of the retail casino experience. Land-based casinos offer a familiar feeling and the comfort of socializing that is not very easy to replicate. But that does not mean that it has not evolved.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of fiction that we have seen involving casinos is the off-planet gambling venues. Playing casino games on the moon or another planet has been the stuff of dreams. Now, this might just be headed to becoming a reality. Companies such as Space X and Blue Origin have already made strides towards space cruises. It would not be surprising for the luxury segments of these to have casino gaming offerings. We are closer to that than ever before.

Toning down a little to something that we are already experiencing, virtual payments that were once only ideas in fiction are now a reality. Digital tokens have found their way to casino floors and are growing rapidly in popularity. The most popular options as it stands are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, some operators have even worked towards custom tokens exclusive to their venues.

Online Gambling Taking a Huge Leap Forward

The internet changed gambling forever. We may take that for granted but the idea of gambling virtually was just mere fiction decades ago. Now, online gambling is one of the most expansive sectors in modern entertainment. It is set to continue growing thanks to the massive demand for the games.

This demand is partly driven by how futuristic the gaming experience always is. Operators are always competing to bring the next best thing to customers and one of the ways of doing this has been innovation. In our experience, nothing inspires innovation especially in the world of technology as much as science fiction.

Great examples of these are the application of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality. (AR) technologies. These were first seen in science fiction but they have gradually evolved into tools that can be applied to our day-to-day activities. There aren’t as many AR or VR-powered casinos just yet but they have already proven their potential.

Another element of science fiction that is becoming a core part of the modern iGaming experience is Artificial Intelligence or AI. The technology is being used in one of the most innovative and helpful ways which could be contrary to what some films may have portrayed. For instance, AI is now a key tool in consumer protection in online casinos. By analyzing player patterns and habits, AI can better advise when a gambler may need to take a break. That is very important for responsible gambling. The feature also makes it an amazing tool for fraud detection and protecting the integrity of games.

Enter the Metaverse

The Metaverse has been all the buzz for the past couple of months but the technology has been in development over the past few years. This is perhaps one of the biggest leaps in the way we interact with technology. Similar things have been portrayed in books and films such as Ready Player One. Now, they are slowly becoming a reality.

As described by Neil Stephenson, in his novel “Snow Crash”, the Metaverse is essentially the next generation of the Internet. It is a 3d augmented online world where people can create and interact with avatars of each other. This is very likely to be a game-changer for both land-based and online gambling.

Casinos in the metaverse will finally be able to deliver on the experiences that both online casinos and brick-and-mortar facilities have to offer.  This means players will be able to interact with other players and even the live casino dealers in real-time without leaving their homes. All they would need is a headset that supports the technology.

Metaverse casinos could make sports betting even more interesting. Fans can virtually attend their favorite sports matches and place bets all from a single spot. How amazing is that?

How Science Fiction Could Shape Regulation

Talking about online gambling without thinking about regulation is very hard. Even though the activity is meant to act as a fun and exciting endeavor, that is not always the case. Regulation is very important to the longevity of the sector and most importantly, the safety of the consumers. So, how could science fiction possibly fix this?

Well, many of the fiction movies that involve gambling often show the dark side of the activity and how devastating bad bets can be for irresponsible gamblers. That is worth looking at. It is certainly too early to tell but things are headed in the direction where we could see a lot of growth in terms of how modern gambling is regulated. With such things as the Metaverse starting to pick up, it will be vital for lawmakers, regulators and other stakeholders to stay updated. The laws and regulations need to be in line with the advancements. That is not something that we can gamble with. It is that simple.

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