VIDEO PREMIERE: Letting Up Despite Great Faults Drops Shimmering Slanted Shoegaze Via “Corners Pressed”

Following the release of their stellar dreampop track “Corners Pressed,” Glide is excited to share the accompanying music video from Letting Up Despite Great Faults. A radiant pop-forward track “Corners Pressed” offers a shift from the band’s traditionally heavier shoegaze sound, resulting in a shimmering, upbeat, and blissful track, now with an equally fun music video to match.

The music video features the band jamming to the song in a living room, putting on quite the perfect at-home gig fit for quarantine and getting lost in the swirling guitar riffs, punchy drums, and dreamy vocals of “Corners Pressed.” On this release, frontman Mike Lee says, “Sometimes we get things all wrong in our head. Sometimes you think one thing happened when it didn’t at all. With the help of our friend Mike Mangalindan, we directed and produced this video of us playing in our lovely friend’s house in East Austin, TX. We all do something different while the others play to remind us how we all have our own little world in each of our heads.”

“Corners Pressed” is the second single off of their upcoming record. After a hiatus, the legendary shoegaze band is ready to release their first full length album in over 8 years, IV coming out March 2022. The band, composed of Mike Lee on vocals, guitars, programming, Kent Zambrana on bass, Annah Fisette on vocals and guitars, and Daniel Schmidt on drums, has been fine-tuning their sound and narratives, culminating in this much-anticipated release. On IV, the band is at their most mature and sonically full, as they explore themes of growth, nurture, loss, and regret, with a sound drenched in dreamy guitars and delicate vocals. “Corners Pressed” offers an upbeat look at the range and depth that this Austin-based band is capable of.

Founded by Mike Lee in Los Angeles, Letting Up Despite Great Faults has been constantly evolving since their first EP in 2006. Their next release came a few years later with a noisier, lusher sound that drew a lot of buzz on the blogosphere. Now, with a new full length filled with deeper stories and dreamier soundscapes, they hope to show fans, old and new, their little corner of the world. 

Keep an eye out for IV, coming in 2022, and check out the latest music

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