VIDEO PREMIERE: Katacombs Injects Gothic Americana with Rock and Roll Edge on “You Will Not”

Liars Club, the new label formed by Amigo the Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group, is proud to announce the signing of Austin, TX outfit Katacombs. Katacombs is an immersive sonic experience that immerses listeners in dark electronic string work and a love for film scores to create something completely unique. Katacombs will release their debut EP You Will Not on February 4th, 2022.

Katacombs is the name Katerina Kiranos landed on after years of building sculptural furniture of bone and wood. Born in Miami to a Spanish mother and Greek father, she spent the majority of her early life bouncing between multiple cultures and wanting to adapt. The common thread anywhere she landed was her love for music. Piano lessons as a child led to days on end of writing and recording from her makeshift bedroom studio as a teen, which turned into years of collecting songs- all just to store them away. Though she took a detour career-wise, she continued to play where she could and could never escape the urge to spend every day honing her first true passion. She played keys in a few bands and dabbled in open mics but always ended up feeling best in a dark room, single-handedly curating dramatic and ethereal melodies. Set on finally sharing that part of her world, the one most sacred, she started with a small body of work that embodies a wide range of some of her deeply rooted experiences and influences.

You Will Not was recorded at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit, Michigan with producers Steve Lehane and Beau Bedford. The EP is a collection of songs that individually represent a place and time of her life, amounting to a rather emotional rollercoaster that traverses geographical borders and genres, hitting the highs and the lows of self-discovery. Katacombs aims to write music for scenes in life that don’t yet exist but can ultimately universally resonate.

With her debut EP, You Will Not, Katacombs brings the beauty she has collected through her influences, talents, and travel, and makes it her own. This work represents her first public expression of a truth she has been fighting to express, a moment of relief and clarity that she hopes can be explored and understood by others who often struggle to be their truest selves as well. You Will Not is meant to expand on the moments in life that require the full scale of emotions we often forget to allow ourselves. A moment to let go and listen and feel with nothing holding us back.

Through an immersion of dark electronic string work and a love for film scores, Katacombs is bringing back the cathartic sonic experiences often found in old Spanish, Greek, and Italian music and reintroducing them to the modern-day audience.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for the album’s title track. With a quiet, pulsating beat and eerie, driving acoustic guitar, the song showcases Kiranos’ haunting vocals. The building beat and onslaught of electric guitar inject this gothic Americana with a rock and roll edge that serves it well. As the sister of Amigo the Devil, it’s perhaps no surprise that Kiranos revels in darker realms and seems to have a talent for piecing together lyrics that focus on heavier themes. This is, of course, amplified by the music video itself. Between the drama of the lyrics and vocals, and the expansiveness of the music, the song stirs up a sense of excitement as to what we can expect from Katacombs in the future.

Kiranos describes the inspiration behind the song as well as the new EP:

The video for “You Will Not” came to me in the process of writing the song. It was written in a time of my life where I found helping others to be more of a feat than helping myself. In trying to be there for them before I knew how to be there for myself, I ended up placing my life in their hands and feeling manipulated and resentful when the script evolved into something different than what I had envisioned. The wounded soldiers are symbolic of the baggage we are burdened with to carry in relationships and the fine line we tend to walk between giving your all and having everything taken. The song itself speaks of a lesson that took me years to learn: The only times we can be spoken for are when we choose not to speak for ourselves. I’m finding that the next level is learning to put your foot down without stomping on your loved ones, and it’s possible with practice.

I was raised among more than a couple of cultures. I had difficulty finding one true “self” to stay true to, therefore I swayed often. I consistently had to adapt to what was around me but I took every bit of it in with pleasure. This EP is an attempt to dig deeper into the fictional characters and mythological parallels that can be pulled from my own encounters thus far. A reminder to defy genre and personal limitations for the sake of a better story. A reminder to keep collecting experiences because mental expansion is worth far more than the material kind.


Photo Credit: Magen Buse @magenbuse

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