Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Excitable Edition

It’s Tuesday, and I’m in England. But it’s time to break out the European Ouija board and channel my ‘cross-the-pond spirit for this edition of Pullin’ ‘Tubes.

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You can’t go wrong with Warren Zevon. Everything I’ve ever posted on my blogs from his catalog has always been greeted by a friendly pat on the ass and a bundle of shared enjoyment. And just as you can’t go wrong with Zevon in general, you really can’t go wrong with Excitable Boy. So here’s a must-watch version of what I consider his greatest work from New Jersey’s Capital Theater on 10/22/82.


  • Remember the days when it was cool to like Lionel Richie? I don’t, ’cause I wasn’t alive at the time, but I bet some of youse can recall the days when The Commodores ruled the funk world and Lionel was still just a black guy in a matching futuristic jumpsuit making space sounds. So from Soul Train in 1974, here’s a seriously kickass Machine Gun.
  • Last week I posted Phish’s cover of Max Creek’s Back Porch Boogie Blues that someone graciously uploaded to the Tube de You. Since it really is always a trip to see these guys play live back in 1987, and since they really do rip the ever-loving fuck out of this show, here’s Part I and Part II of the smokin’ Run Like An Antelope from the same 5/20/87 concert.
  • My buddy TJ got married in the spring of 2000 in Columbus, Ohio, and his beautiful bride walked down the aisle to a perfect version of Duane Allman’s Little Martha performed by ekoostik Hookah’s Steve Sweney. I’ve always enjoyed the song, but that afternoon started a love affair with it, not unlike the dude from Seinfeld that Elaine dates who really loves Desperado. Annnyway, that ridiculous unrelated introductory anecdote aside, take a peek at Leo Kottke’s beautiful rendition from 1988.
  • Lastly, check out this pleasant, acoustic version of The Grobe by Gene Ween and Diamond Dave Dreiwitz from the Off-Broadstreet Theater in Hopewell, New Jersey on 1/18/07. And what the hell, from the same show, here’s a clip of Chris Harford and the Band of Changes’ unique take on the Talking Heads’ This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody).

Right about now I’m in the stands at Madejski Stadium watching the red hot Royals of Reading take on the struggling Latics of Wigan, yelling “Go home, Scouser” at Wigan manager Paul Jewell and singing our National Anthem as Reading’s Marcus Hahnemann saves every shot, proudly portraying Yank keepers.

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