The Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Casinos Compared to Online Casinos

Online casinos have been in existence for just over two decades now and they continue to compete with their land-based counterparts that have been there for centuries. Since most people have had a taste of both worlds, you will find supporters of both sides. In this article, you will find a strong objective overview of the pros and cons of the two.

It is quite difficult to tell your preference, especially if you are a new gambler because each of them offers a different kind of experience. Reading the top online casinos reviews will create a detailed picture of these variants while the best of land-based casino reviews show nothing but pure elegance. The games and potential for winning could be the same but the experience varies greatly.

Advantages of Real Casinos Compared to Online Casinos

Let us take a look at the pros of real casinos that will give you the reason to walk into the nearest one for an amazing experience.

More Than Just Gambling Entertainment

Real casinos offer more than just gambling entertainment, they come in different forms leading to a fun-filled experience. These establishments no longer come in the form of gambling rooms designated for this activity only. Most of them are complete resorts with excellent food, luxurious accommodation, and so much more. This makes them an ideal haven for both gamblers and non-gamblers. As a result, people can use them as fantastic get-away spots for their friends and family since there will be something for everyone.

This explains why Las Vegas is a top destination for all kinds of people and not just the gambling fans. The land-based casinos have invested in all kinds of fun activities making them amazing. Some of the top casinos worth visiting for more than just gambling entertainment include the following:

  • The Venetian;
  • City of Dreams Casino;
  • Tusk-Rio Casino Resort;
  • MGM Grand;
  • Foxwoods Resort and Casino;
  • Bellagio;
  • Casino Monte Carlo.

All these casinos have a beautiful atmosphere that players long for. The casino environment, the exotic food, the luxurious rooms, and the ‘sweet’ casino noise make land-based casinos glitzy and irresistible. For this reason, online casinos try so hard to make the experience as real as possible. Some online casinos can even make games with a real live dealer. This is an attempt to deliver the real casino atmosphere experienced in brick and mortar casino establishments.

Social Aspect

Gambling was always supposed to be a social activity, and the variety of activities in real casinos demonstrates this. Many gamblers meet up with their friends and families in the casino rooms and enjoy the fun of the game while catching up. It is usually not limited to people they are familiar with. You will also find strangers breaking the ice and interacting to the point of becoming friends. Haven’t you heard of couples who met in a casino for the first time?

It is very common to find people flooding around a table to watch some of the best players. The socialization associated with gambling heightens the fun tremendously. Even though the online casinos have tried to create something similar, their efforts have not been very effective so far. Some of these attempts include the live dealer games with the chat feature, chat rooms, and others. These casinos have even gone a notch higher by allowing gamers to tip the dealers in live casinos.

Due to the social aspect, some gamblers simply love to walk into casinos to spectate. The social aspect is a major advantage of real casinos that is conspicuously missing in online casinos.


Real casinos guarantee the security of players while inside the casinos. They usually have trained personnel and other people who direct players and ensure that their experiences are amazing. Also, if you choose to play in renowned establishments that operate openly and hold valid licenses, then you will not be worried about any links to the criminal underworld. Land casinos require a huge investment so it is hard to find one that has been built to fleece clients.

The online casinos, on the contrary, are easier to create hence you can find several dubious sites aimed at conning clients. Thus, you will need to take more caution when choosing an online casino. That’s why you will find many articles on the Internet that try to advise players on how to make perfect choices. Nevertheless, not all of them are trustworthy so you should go to the best online casino review for the best tips.

Therefore, even though your security is guaranteed when playing in licensed and reputable casinos, the online casinos pose a bigger risk of insecurity because of the number of dubious sites and the difficulty of recognizing them. This makes it more advantageous to gamble in land-based casinos.

Bigger Economic Impact on Society

Real casinos tend to have a bigger economic impact on their surroundings. Las Vegas is a booming economic hub that has been largely propelled by the gambling activity in the area. These casinos employ many workers that include:

  • Croupiers;
  •  Security Guards;
  • Caterers;
  • Barmen;
  • Machine Maintenance Personnel;
  • Cleaners.

It also indirectly assists other people like taxi drivers, the suppliers of food and beverages, and many more. Hence, the economy of the area benefits tremendously from its presence. They may also carry out CSR activities to make their impact even more noticeable.

The online casinos, on the other hand, have fewer employees and lower operational costs, thus, the economic impact is less. Due to this, they usually have better odds. Nevertheless, they also try to take part in CSR activities to assist the communities around them.

Easier to Gamble Responsibly

Problem gambling is a major issue that is associated with both online and real casinos. However, it is easier to manage it in real casinos compared to online. If a player suspects that he/she is facing it, they can easily carry only the amount they are willing to gamble. This will be enough to deter them from continuing. The real casinos also have defined operating hours, which limit players. Online casinos, on the other hand, work 24/7 hence it is easier for players to lose control.

They also have a range of payment options and it is hard to limit them. This makes it easier for players to use up all their accessible cash. They have measures like loss limits, time limits, and self-exclusion to help players to gamble responsibly. However, they do not stop a player from hopping to the next casino and continuing to play

Disadvantages of Real Casinos Compared to Online Casinos

Real casinos have distinct pros that make them more preferable. However, they also have some cons that give their online counterparts an edge. Now let’s discuss what cons they have.


Real casinos require you to travel to their location to gamble. This is such a big convenience that could lead to additional costs like fuel. It also kills the fun of spontaneous gambling since players may need to plan their itinerary. The online casinos, on the other hand, are available at any time of day or night through desktop computers, mobile phones, or tablets. Hence, they allow players to gamble in the comfort of their homes, cars, or offices.

These casinos also work 24 hours a day all year round so they allow players to scratch their gambling itch whenever they want. However, this convenience makes it easy for online players to become problem gamblers. Consequently, the inconvenience of real casinos becomes an advantage in this aspect.

Limited Game Variety

Brick and mortar casinos have defined floor space and a constant number of games. Hence, once they are all filled up, then you will have to wait. This gets even worse if both your favourite slot and table game are taken. It is usually a big inconvenience that may force you to indulge in other unplanned activities leading to more expenses.

The online casinos have an unlimited number of games so there is no waiting involved. The games are also easier to update constantly. Therefore, you will always find newer and more refined games to try out.

Lack of Privacy

Gambling is considered as a bad habit in many societies so many people prefer to do it secretly. It is hard to stay private in real casinos since you have to go there physically as opposed to the online casinos that allow you to gamble at your comfort. This explains why the number of gamblers increased with the advent of online casinos because there is no need to open up.

Also, the issue of privacy comes in because of seasoned gamblers who enjoy bullying the amateurs. Playing with the glaring eyes of other players may be uncomfortable for some players. Hence, new players may prefer online games to avoid such occurrences. Lack of privacy is, therefore, a major con of land casinos


Lastly, there are different kinds of bonuses offered in these two types of casinos. They include the following:

Real Casinos BonusesOnline Casinos Bonuses
Free DrinksFree Chips
Free FoodsFree Spins
Free Accommodation or VacationsBonus Money
Live Music EntertainmentWelcome Bonuses
Medical service if requiredReferral Bonuses
Guard serviceCashback Bonuses
ServicingVIP Schemes

The online casinos usually have more bonuses that are directly linked to the game. It is also easier to be eligible for them and could be offered to new and existing gamers regularly. Some people may prefer the bonuses in real casinos, but the online casino bonuses are more regular, easier to get, and directly increase your gambling experience. Thus, they are more tempting.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of real casinos compared to online casinos. They form a strong argument for gamers who would want to choose their preferred type of casino. Nevertheless, there is no loyalty required here so you can enjoy both worlds with no dire consequences. 

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  1. I like that you pointed out how real casinos offer more than just gambling entertainment, they come in different forms leading to a fun-filled experience. My friend and I like gambling sometimes and we want to have a new gambling experience. Playing at a casino sounds fantastic so we should probably try going to one.

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