LISTEN: Olivero Feat. Alain Pérez Drop Dynamic Latin Blends On “Juantando Amores”

Olivero is one of those musical prodigies who are just born with indescribable talent. At only nine years he was already playing complex pieces by Bach on the cello in the conservatory in front of a sophisticated and astonished audience, followed by successful participations at various competitions and masterclasses. Yet it was his encounter with Paco de Lucia that pushed his primary focus on flamenco music, the genre he decided to study next to his studies for Jazz Improvisation. 

“Juantando Amores” is a new collaborative release from Austrian guitarist & composer, Olivero, and Grammy award-winning producer & multi-instrumentalist, Alain Pérez from Cuba. Olivero’s masterful and unadorned nylon string guitar melody, combined with the mighty baritone of Pérez creates a flawless and dynamic blend, ranging from romantic flamenco ballad to all-out salsa dance fiesta. The combination of these two artists is a fusion of virtuosity and sophistication that is sure to attract lovers of all styles of Latin music. 

The inspiration for this song was the strength that comes from being together in love, which makes it possible to overcome all difficulties in life together and to achieve all goals. The rhythm and energy of this song is a reflection of joy and perfect harmony when 2 souls are allowed to experience the dance of life together in unison,” says Olivero.

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