VIDEO PREMIERE: Monsoon Crushes With Punctuating & Whimsical “O’ Brother”

Monsoon at one point was a female-fronted trio out of Athens who released their debut LP Ride A Rolla back in 2015 and it gained traction very quickly. Toyota turned the title track into a Super Bowl commercial but the band never had the opportunity to tour and record upon that exposure. The trio is led by the charismatic Sienna Chandler who will be starring in the soon-to-be-released film, Ragged Heart, opposite The Walking Dead’s Josh Mikel.

Their upcoming album Ghost Party is set to release winter of 2022, which will finally allow listeners to indulge in their angular rhythms and ferocious brevity.

Ghost Party is now the soul creation of Joey Kegel and Chandler. They are every voice and every instrument on the album. Kegel mixed the songs, co-produced the harmonies, and engineered many of the sections on the record. Sienna wrote and arranged the songs, produced harmony sections, and is in charge of creating the music videos- writing, directing, editing footage, SFX makeup, everything except holding the actual camera. They’ve become incredibly selective about who they involve in their lives both personally and professionally.

Ride A’Rolla caught us off guard because we were young and unable to see red flags as they arose. It was an incredibly difficult lesson, but ultimately, an invaluable one that needed to be learned so that moving forward we would become the unbreakable extension of one another that we are now.” Rounding out the trio is bassist Roan O’Reilly. “Before his addition, we were certain we’d be a two-piece, but his quick wit and talent won our hearts. He immediately fell in and was ready to work, and has proven to be an irreplaceable member to our team.”

Glide is premiering the video for their new track “O Brother” – a cryptic indie rock sweater party that rocks with Sleater Kinney’s reckless abandon and Phoebe Bridgers’ witty bravado. Until Ghost Party gets released, let’s take part in this whimsical Sweater Party that crushes the idiom…

“It stemmed from raw heartfelt emotion-every sadness I felt, every hurt I carried, and all the anger I repressed. It’s the haunt that kept me up at night, and the noise that lives on the border between madness and reality, conscious and subconscious, nothingness and hope.” It’s unconventional but works in its own chaos. It’s the world Chandler created to comfort herself,” says Chandler

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