Disney’s Upcoming Live-Action Merlin Movie Is Titled Love and Monsters

King Arthur’s Merlin is getting a new live-action movie titled Love and Monsters. Directed by Michael Matthews, this will be an adaptation by Disney that follows the storyline as outlined in the novel series authored by T.A. Barron. As of right now, the movie is said to be in early development, with Disney’s live-action team already on the job.

The upcoming movie is one of the latest entries in the series that solidifies its place in popular culture. In 1903’s The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Merlin was first portrayed by Howard Pyle. 

Following the novel’s release, the legendary character kept growing in popularity, appearing in several comics, movies, books, and even board games. Since 1996, twelve books have been released as part of the Merlin Saga, each contributing to the story as we know and love it today. In modern times, Merlin is still appearing in popular movies such as The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017).

The gaming sphere would have him featured as a playable character on several occasions, including in titles such as Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, SMITE: Battleground of the Gods, and many others. In iGaming, the players can join him on his adventures in a slot titled Merlin’s Millions, an auto-include in many reputable casino brands’ catalog of games, with Caesars being just one example. Any new players that sign up can take advantage of the Caesars online casino bonus as part of the welcome promotion.

Love and Monsters, the latest entry in the franchise, is being produced by none other than Gil Netter, mostly known for his efforts in The Blind Side and Flora & Ulysses. The new script comes from the talented fingers of Chris Weitz, often remembered for his work on Pinocchio and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Initially, Ridley Scott was assigned the director’s chair but couldn’t fill the role due to a busy schedule. This was back in 2018 when the project was called The Merlin Saga.

Story-wise, the time rolls back to Merlin’s early days when he would become the mentor to King Arthur, the classic literary figure. Bear in mind that many films have paid tribute to the legend of King Arthur, with only a few focusing on Merlin specifically, with NBC’s miniseries titled Merlin being a notable exception. Those familiar with the books can pinpoint two elements that are indispensable parts of the recipe in every Merlin story – magic and nature. Unsurprisingly, they will also play a focal role in the upcoming live-action movie.

Spinning back the time to when he was still a young lad, Merlin finds himself washed ashore, stripped of all senses, with no recollection of his memory, and nearly dead. He couldn’t even remember his name! Yet somehow, he survives this nearly-fatal tragedy to become one of the mightiest wizards in existence. And even though the spotlight is on him, the underlying message is that there is potential in all of us who dare pursue our dreams. Sometimes, the magic is hidden deep within, waiting to be set free.

But without nature, this would be a lonely endeavor. The secret of its power lies in giving us sustenance and helping us find healing and inspiration every step of the way. Barron himself professes to be very much driven by the wonders of nature, and even though the geographical landscape in his works is purely fictional, he wants it to feel as real as possible. Nature’s beauty never fails to catch the wandering eye, and The Merlin Saga is designed to capture its essence and do justice to its charm. It’s safe to say the upcoming live-action movie will stay faithful to the mantra.

The original adventure movie Love and Monsters, starring Jessica Henwick and Dylan O’Brien, was first released in 2020, followed by an international release on Netflix in 2021. Disney’s take on Merlin will feature a live-action team, with no official release date being set yet. What we do know is that Barron promised to take us on a fantastic journey with a plot even more bizarre than what is to be expected in his fantasy novels. Can he make it work? Get excited and let the wonderful crew do their magic!

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