LISTEN: Judy Blank Shines With Wonderfully Crafted Song Narrative

If Judy Blank told you she was from some sunny California town, you’d believe her blue eyes. But she’s just from Utrecht, although she’s well on track to conquer the world with her fresh songs and a good dose of self-mockery. Reminiscent of a 1950s black and white movie, she captures her listeners with crystal clear vocals, a playful piano accompaniment, 1980s space sounds, and haunting harmonies are sung by her friend, moody folk magician La Loye.

“Karaoke” is the newest release from Dutch Americana artist, Judy Blank. Its perfectly minimalist instrumental arrangement allows the tenderness of Blank’s warm vocal to shine through like a daydream. Perfectly tuned, hypnotic harmonies blend beautifully, shining a hopeful light on a melancholic, wonderfully crafted narrative. 

’Wouldn’t it be nice to do some living before I die?’’

A relevant question, coming from a cheerless feeling we all know way too well these days. We’re all dying for ordinary things to become normal again. A sunny vacation. A chilly drink in a bar on a Saturday night. Feeling hot and sweaty at a punk show. In her latest indie-folk gem ‘Karaoke’, Dutch songstress Judy Blank addresses her simple wishes with both apathy and witful sarcasm.

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