LISTEN: Spoon and the Forkestra Evoke Anthemic Vulnerability On “Blink Twice”

 It’s a wondrous nostalgia that surrounds German indie-folk duo Spoon and the Forkestra. Timo Zell’s delicate basslines gently dance around the fragile yet powerful voice of Emily-Mae Lewis who seems to be whispering her metaphorical stories directly into their listeners’ ears. Spoon and the Forkestra turn their stages into a playroom: colorful and always a little messy, but streaked with gloomy shadows that dance on the walls. 

“Blink Twice” (below) is the final single release from Spoon & The Forkestra, leading up to the release of their debut EP, The Fondest Flinch. Lewis has a richness and warmth in her vocal that is a commanding yet inviting presence. The verse slowly burns the tinder that is Lewis’s vulnerable and personal songwriting, giving way to an anthemic and colorful palette of sound reminiscent of Allison Russell and Brittany Howard.

“Writing Blink Twice has been a very long process. Our singer Emily-Mae started writing the song more than two years ago, when a friend asked her about her very specific blinking. The reason why creating “Blink Twice” took so long is probably because its dealing with Emily’s dissociation, which is such a personal topic. “To me it was very important that the song, as well as the video, display my very own feelings of dissociation because there’s such a wide spectrum to this disease,” says Zell.

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