LISTEN: Frida Sings of Empowerment On Fiery & Expressive “Dawararan”

Lebanese soul singer Frida sings of female empowerment and love. Her stories wrapped in songs are about inner strength and a return to nature, Frida’s music oscillates between oriental sensibility and cosmopolitan funkyness. 

With a captivating vocal presence, Frida oscillates between expressive power and tensile release on her new single “Dawararan.” Set to a pulsing beat of passionate percussion, “Dawararan” is a robust anthem, with a firey and empowering disposition.

“Dawararan” is an invitation to lose control, willingly, happily, comforted in the knowing that, on the other end of it, is new-found freedom. It came to be in Felix Fivaz’s studio in Switzerland, as he was improvising on his drums and I was playfully singing along… We both knew that when the magical tune will be ready to reveal itself, we will recognize it by how it will feel in our bodies… And so, the moment Felix started playing that groove, both of us knew something beautiful was asking to be born.”

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