SONG PREMIERE: Guy Blue Drops Riveting Guitar, Drums & Samples Patchwork Via “No Vision”

Guy Blue is a music project by Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Jack Ladd. Ladd creates strangely danceable music by leaning into the fictive worlds we create for ourselves, drawing particular inspiration from the sonic and visual landscapes of 90s video games like Zelda and Pokémon that Ladd played during childhood. But rather than the melodic, 8-bit chiptune that you might expect, Ladd channels anxieties rooted in his relationship with video games, which has ranged from escapist enjoyment to something like addiction. If the original games suggested pleasant dreams, Guy Blue’s tracks are more like the nightmarish science fiction of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson, brought to life with the melodic yearning of Porches, King Krule, Alex G, and OTTO.  

Glide is premiering the debut single from Guy Blue titled “No Vision” that hollers with the immediacy of Flying Lotus atop the swerving rock innuendo of Twenty One Pilots.

In this frantic track, the tension is reflected in the sonic texture, an incongruous patchwork of guitars, drums, and samples, haphazardly stitched together and fraying. Ghostly International’s Chester Raj Anand (aka Lord Raja) lends production, making this beat-driven track feel like the most fun panic attack you’ll ever have.

“I wrote ‘No Vision’ when I was knowingly making a lot of bad decisions in my life. I was trapped in a self-destructive loop, and that spiraling momentum definitely found its way into the track,” says Ladd. “I think it’s a story a lot of people will relate to. We’re all compelled by destructive urges that have real consequences for those around us. There’s a reference to Tony and Carmela Soprano in the track. In the Sopranos, we see the horrifying consequences of Tony’s impulses, and yet he’s still an incredibly compelling and relatable character. I think it’s because seeing those darkest desires played out allows us to reflect on our own urges and actions. I hope the track accomplishes something similar.”

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