Jeremy Ivey Announces New Album ‘Invisible Pictures’ Out 3/11 Via ANTI

On March 11 Jeremy Ivey will release Invisible Pictures, his third studio album with ANTI- Records that juxtaposes raw, unflinching personal reckonings with jaunty, buoyant performances and rich, kaleidoscopic production.Though the songs on Invisible Pictures are rooted in a 21st century swirl of chaos and uncertainty, the record is, at its core, an undeniably feel-good collection, one that refuses to surrender to the existential ache it so artfully captures. Instead, Ivey embraces the sheer, unmitigated creative freedom and sonic exploration, drawing on everything from flamenco and classical music to vintage indie rock and British Invasion tunes to craft a passionate, transcendent album reminiscent of John Lennon and Elliott Smith. The album was even finished in Los Angeles alongside legendary Smith collaborator Rob Schnapf.

“When you sing a melody in your head, you can either put three chords around it or nine,” says Ivey, who plays one of Smith’s hollow-body guitars on the record. “This time, I aimed for nine.”

Ivey released his critically acclaimed solo debut The Dream and The Dreamer in 2019, which NPR hailed as “modern, indie [and] super-cool” and Rolling Stone likened to “Mutations-era Beck.” Ivey’s 2020 follow-up, the pointed and timely Waiting Out The Storm, was similarly well-received, with The Nashville Scene declaring that it “deconstruct[s] the ills of the day—among them racism, xenophobia and the growing wealth gap—with a critic’s precision and a poet’s compassion.”

The first track on ‘Invisible Pictures’ is the bittersweet “Orphan Child”, a song that channels the gritty charm of ’60s pop as it reconciles with the pervasive sense of lostness that comes from simply being alive these days and also reflects on Ivey’s own personal experience being raised by foster parents. Watch the song’s video below

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