LISTEN: Ava McCoy Achieves Delicate Grace On Echoey “Don’t Call Anyore”

At the age of 21, Ava McCoy attributes artists like Faye Webster, Bibio, Laura Marling, and Elliott Smith to her eclectic and organic sound. The New York City native is making strides as an independent female musician encouraging vulnerability in all that we do. McCoy’s lyrics reflect her love of nature, childhood memories, and the role relationships play in our youth.

With audible grace, McCoy swirls through a delicate bed of low-end intimacy on her new single “Don’t Call Anymore.” Complemented by graceful harmonica and string touches, this burgeoning singer-songwriter has a knack for unraveling sparse sounds that hone a dignified channel of musical expression.

“Don’t Call Anymore” was one of the first projects I recorded on my own after I found an interest in production. I wrote this song while reflecting on a past relationship that left me feeling empty. I felt I was exploring my boundaries for the first time. This song has grown with me after recording it two years ago, and it continues to relate to many different scenarios in my life as I enter my twenties. I feel many people can relate to the emotions this song evokes.”

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