LISTEN: R. Missing Create Pulsating & Mysterious Atmospheric Songcraft Via “Placelessness”

R. Missing is New York-based vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Henry “Toppy” Frost formerly of The Ropes. The enigmatic entity R. Missing is making a case for quality noir pop songs with ” Placelessness and Saturnining” forthcoming on Sugarcane Recordings.

Sink into the majestic and expressive world of R. Missing on her new single, “Placelessness.” With a captivating and pulsating voice, R. Missing melds the robotic worlds of Kraftwerk and Portishead with a breezy atmospheric low end. This duo has a sound that sounds entirely unique and raw, in a scene littered with synth-pop fluff.

‘What is Placelessness? It’s where well-ordered ennui intersects with green, blue and white street signs that have lost all meaning. It’s a broken longcase clock. There you have the Placelessness,” says the duo.

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