Tips for Picking a High-Quality Online Casino

Gambling is a favorite pastime in virtually all corners of the globe. Even in regions where it’s super taboo, online polls show that people display a propensity to test their luck on games of chance, now and again. Before the invention of the internet, gamblers had to travel to establishments that provided gaming services to see if Lady Luck fancies them on a given evening. However, once the World Wide Web got birthed, everyone from everywhere got access to casino-style entertainment.

Well, in all honesty, online casinos showed up three years after Tim Berners-Lee published the source code for the first-ever web browser. Though, that is not here or there. Today, thousands of gambling sites swarm the digital sphere, making it hard for those with little experience in this field to tell which are credible, high-quality platforms and what are shady ones masquerading as above-average British or non GamStop casinos.

Below, a breakdown gets presented regarding the main criteria that newbie gamblers should consider before picking a gambling site. Each of the listed elements can make or break the gaming experience.

Data Protection & Proper Licensing

No platform that offers games of chance over the internet should be without Secure Socket Encryption. That is data ciphering technology that jumbles the information users and operators share. It does this through a secret key that only those two parties know. It keeps personal data away from prying eyes, as even the most advanced hackers cannot crack a 128-bit SSL key via brute force attacks.

Thankfully, all credible industry licensors mandate that their licensees implement this technology. Moreover, they also obligate their approved operators to have elementary firewalls and detailed privacy policy pages. That applies to all sites operating under UKGC’s wing and casinos not on GamStop. The latter term – sites not on GamStop, refers to foreign platforms licensed by regulators such as eGaming Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority. These are reputable overseeing bodies that have been active longer than the UKGC but are not as stringent.

Payment Variety

Veteran gamblers know that, when playing online, it is vital that a casino has a robust selection of transaction methods. That is so because not all operators make their promotions available to players from all regions. Not only that, each option features its limits and processing time. For example, when it comes to fiat money, e-wallets facilitate the fastest transfers. They can get users united with their funds in one to three days. Popular debit/credit card options do this in up to five banking days.

Therefore, playing at a site that has as many payment methods to choose from as possible is something every online gambler should strive for and look to find. Such platforms allow their users to quickly enjoy the fruits of their labor and take advantage of all their offered promo deals.

Multiple Promotions

On the subject of casino bonuses, it is worth noting that they are the backbone of this sector. Undoubtedly, they are the chief allure of playing online, as who does not love free gambling funds? Deposit match promotions are the thing that lures more players to seek luck-based riches online. Almost all old and new non GamStop casinos offer them as the principal part of their welcome packages.

Aside from deposit matches, high-end operators should also supply a slew of ongoing promos that include free spins, reload bonuses, and cashback. Most sites these days also implement perk-rich loyalty schemes. These yield experience points that help regular users ascend a bonus ladder. Some operators also allow these points to get exchanged for gambling funds or cash.

Robust Game Portfolio

Having access to an expansive selection of casino games can make a difference between a run-of-the-mill casino and one that keeps its users engaged at all times. Despite age-old adages and sayings, too much of a good thing does not exist. It is always better to have loads of choices than get a limited amount of gambling picks. So far, over eighteen thousand slots float around the Web, and the average UK or casino not on GamStop should have thousands of these on hand.

Slots aside, it is also crucial that operators mix up their game lobbies by featuring live dealer games, RNG-based table products, lottery-style options, and virtual video poker machines. The more gaming genres a platform offers, the better. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Decent Customer Care & Multiple Problem Gambling Features 

It is paramount that anyone that chooses to bet only spends what they can afford to lose. Nothing more. If a player cannot control his impulses, an online casino should assist him by helping him not overstep his means. Responsible operators do this by offering self-exclusion and allowing all users to set deposit and loss limits through their profile pages. These keep players in check.

It is inescapable that everyone will encounter difficulties on their gaming adventure. Thus, it is super important that a gambling site has the golden customer support trifecta of live chat, email, and FAQ support. It may not have one of these, but it must offer at least two. It is not enough for an operator to merely list these. It also has to go all out to quickly resolve all issues, by either supplying enough info for users to solve their problems on their own or by the site staff making user’s hardships a thing of the past.

UK-Based vs. Non GamStop Casinos

In the past two years, problem gambling concerns have rocked the UK gambling market, forcing the country’s gaming regulator, the UKGC, to implement restrictive measures that lower the intensity of online slot play. These include the addition of spin timers, removing the auto/turbo-play function, and reducing wager limits. According to, such moves have guided many UK players to casinos not registered with GamStop. In other words, offshore operators.

The allure of such platforms lies in that they provide more liberating gameplay, offer more generous bonuses, allow niche payment methods, and have better VIP programs. They also still accept credit cards, which the UKGC banned in April 2020 at all their licensed platforms. That was a measure that hoped to curb rising gambling addiction rates in Britain by not allowing Brits to use debt accumulation transaction methods when gambling online. 

Final Bit of Advice

Always use the standards outlined above as a barometer to gauge the quality level of an online casino you are considering. When you find one that meets your needs and our defined criteria, remember to gamble responsibly, and research your chosen operator before depositing.

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