SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: Spaceface Drops Colorful Psych Pop Haze Via “Millions & Memes”

Yeah Tame Impala has a sound, but Kevin Parker has only been releasing albums since 2010 – so surely hazy nostalgic leaning psych pop isn’t owned. In fact, psychedelic dance music has been around way longer than Desert Daze Festival. Take Spaceface, a self-described “Retro Futurist Dream Rock” band from Memphis, TN, and Los Angeles, CA that hasdazzles with an array of electrified groves since 2012.

Its not surprising then that Spaceface includes former touring members The Flaming Lips and Pierced, bringing a collective psych rock experimental resume. Their unique alloy of dream-pop, funk rock and post-disco, charged by the Sun, ultimately shines way past our collective bedtime, akin to a glow-in-the-dark Slime Science Lab kit. The band’s new album Anemoia, is due out this Friday, January 28th, 2022 via Montreal-based Mothland.

Glide is premiering the song and video for “Millions & Memes,” (below) a call to action for the pandemic times that screams with righteous flair recalling the works of Parcels, Spirtualized and Gorillaz. The song is about a character who is at the end of their rope, not sure what to do or where to go but just knowing they could really make something of themselves if they could just make a decision. Its main chorus line, “You could make millions – You could make memes,” acts as a simple reminder that the world is our oyster. 

Read on for the exclusive thoughts on the making of this scintillating colorful video..

“Eventually feeling like we had to get some band shots in, I contacted Curtis Peel who made our music video “Cowboy Lightning” – I remembered his work for his own band incorporated green screen with his animations and we set to scheming! We landed on a theme that works with all the record art, and a contest of sorts wherein we posted a short video that asked Spaceface fans all around the world to send us well lit pictures of their faces to be in a music video! Then my partner filmed myself, herself, our dog and a few of our quarantine pod friends/neighbors in front of her green screen singing along, goofing off, playing instruments and messing with various inanimate objects. THEN Curtis cut up all the eyes, noses and mouths of the Spaceface fan pics and pasted them super quick over all of our faces throughout the video paired with other visuals from either the album promo shots or thematic elements and of course, MEMES! So if ya look closely, you might catch part of your face in that space :P”

“Jake came to me with a couple of different songs, but it was really Millions & Memes that stood out to animate. I loved the duality in the spectrum, with riches, high society, and excess on one end and humor, conversational, and shit-posting on the other. After seeing some of the album-era artwork, I immediately saw in my mind the aesthetic of 70s fortune and fame, and the memes were obviously a very deep well to draw from as well. I had been experimenting with collage style stuff and he had this idea to involve the fans. We made an email and encouraged everyone to send selfies of their spaced-faces, and I cut out all of the eyes, noses, and mouths to use throughout.” – Curtis Peel (director of “Millions & Memes” video)

Photo credit by  Erika Mugglin

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